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Hearing Aid Detail

Sonic Cheer BTE


  • Directional Microphone Icon Directional Microphone
  • Wireless Icon Wireless
  • Noise Reduction Icon Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Cancellation Icon Feedback Cancellation
  • Moisture Resistant Icon Moisture Resistant
  • Smartphone Compatible Icon Smartphone Compatible

Sonic Cheer 20 BTE

20% Off

Product Description

Cheer by Sonic, a feature filled hearing instrument from a top quality provider in the industry. High technology in a slim profile behind the ear (BTE) package, Sonic will fill the needs of even the most demanding environments.

Cheer contains the latest in Sonic signal processing capabilities, to bring back the world around you. Speech priority focuses on the frequencies of human conversation, allowing you to hear the people and block out the noise. Automatic environment adjustment analyses the sounds around you and configures accordingly, to quiet even the most distracting situations. Adaptive noise reduction and feedback cancelling screen out the constant or unexpected sounds that can take away from what you really want to hear.

Cheer is ready for your digital connected world. With the addition of SoundGate you can stream audio from your smart phone or favorite Bluetooth enabled devices directly to your hearing instruments. Adapters for your non enabled devices are available, bringing access to the full variety of entertainment possibilities. Connect with SoundGate and stream the world right to you.

Technology Level Level 1

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