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Hearing Aid Detail



  • Directional Microphone Icon Directional Microphone
  • Wireless Icon Wireless
  • Bluetooth Icon Bluetooth
  • Noise Reduction Icon Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Cancellation Icon Feedback Cancellation
  • Moisture Resistant Icon Moisture Resistant
  • Smartphone Compatible Icon Smartphone Compatible

Sonic Celebrate ITE 80

Product Description

The Celebrate 80 ITE is Sonic Innovation’s largest custom device and includes Environment Classification (automatically identifies, and adjusts settings between, five different environments), Hybrid Adaptive Directionality, Speech Variable Processing, and several noise reduction features. The ITC device tends to be the preferred choice for those seeking a custom device as it has a similar fitting range and features in a more discrete device, but for those who are contraindicated for the ITC, the ITE is an alternative. It performs well in up to moderate levels of background noise, and is suitable for those who want a custom device, but cannot wear anything smaller.

Technology Level Level 4

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