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I have just purchased and am wearing two new Siemens Pure binax 7 hearing aids. They are incredible! Lori is a very special Audiologist. She spent quality time with me, testing my hearing and then adjusting the new aids to meet my needs. I am hearing better, in more environments than ever before. A recent Sarasota Orchestra concert brought me tears of joy! For the first time, I was hearing the beautiful sounds of the harp and sections of the orchestra clearly. I loved it!”

Murray J., Longboat Key, FL

My audiologist is a consummate professional who is knowledgeable, caring, fun to be with, sensitive to her patient’s needs and very practical in recommending products that would best serve her patients. She establishes a level of trust and comfort that makes her practice 100% credible. I rely heavily on her recommendations and trust her to make good decision about my hearing. She is a pure delight!”

Allan S., Longboat Key, FL

My husband recently purchased his 4th set of hearing aids, a pair of binax 7’s. He has been so pleased with the performance of the new aids. He claims the sound is so evenly balanced and he is able to interact with the public on his job so much better. We highly recommend!”

Linda B., Columbus, OH