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HearUSA has been helping people with hearing loss for 30 years. Nationally accredited by URAC, HearUSA operates a Hearing Care Network with over 4,000 providers across the country. Providers are carefully chosen to meet professional qualifications and adhere to industry best practices to ensure patient satisfaction.

Better hearing is a Real Possibility

Step 1: Call HearUSA at 1.800.203.7048 to schedule an appointment.

HearUSA will locate a participating hearing care provider in your area and schedule
your appointment.

Step 2: Visit a HearUSA hearing care provider.

The appointment will last about an hour. The hearing care provider will conduct the

  • Physical examination of your ears
  • Complete hearing evaluation and detailed case history
  • Interview to discuss hearing needs
  • Determine if you need hearing aids
  • Recommend hearing aid choices based on your hearing test results, lifestyle and technology preferences

Step 3: Explore the range of technology options available to you.

Your hearing care provider will describe the technology options and assist in selecting the options that are right for you. Recent advances in digital signal processing have led to new generations of hearing instruments that are smaller, more sophisticated, more effective and more comfortable than ever before. Many are cosmetically discreet… and even able to connect wirelessly with cellphones and audio/video devices.

To ensure satisfaction with your new hearing aids, the provider will:

  • Check overall comfort and cosmetics of the hearing aids
  • Set the hearing aids to a comfortable volume and verify sounds quality
  • Provide thorough instruction on the use and care of your hearing aids
  • Provide you with an aural rehabilitation booklet or DVD
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment

Step 4: Purchasing hearing aids.

If you decide to purchase hearing aids, the provider will place your order with HearUSA.

Payment can be made to HearUSA by:

  • Credit card – you can fill out the payment form in the office or pay by phone
  • Check – you can give the provider a check made payable to HearUSA
  • Financing – for qualified applicants, including 180 days same as cash

Step 5: Making sure you are happy.

A Customer Care Specialist will call you after your appointment to make sure you had a great experience and answer any questions you may have. In addition, at your follow-up appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss the following with your hearing healthcare provider:

  • Your experience with the hearing aids in different listening situations
  • Your expectations and hearing aid performance
  • Any necessary adjustments and modifications to improve your hearing aid experience, if required

Regular follow up care is important, and is provided by HearUSA at no charge for the first year after purchase.