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Hearing aids receive sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. Discovering the best hearing aid technology for you depends on your degree of hearing loss, your daily lifestyle, and what kind of environments you have difficulty listening in.
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Up to 64 channels


The most advanced technology available in the market today. Helps to improve hearing in virtually all listening environments, including the outdoors on a windy day or in a noisy crowd.


5 to 17 channels


Sophisticated technology that will capture more of the voices and sounds you want and need to hear in situations with moderate to loud background noise.


4 to 9 channels


Helps to improve hearing in numerous challenging listening environments, even in those situations that have moderate background noise.


3 to 5 channels


Helps to improve hearing in listening environments that have less background noise. Private conversation and restaurants settings are still possible with these products, but work best when there are not loud sounds competing with what you want to hear.


Up to 4 channels


Helps with activities at home and one-on-one conversation — a common complaint with people with hearing loss.


1 channel


The most basic technology level available. These products will help in quiet environments.
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