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Hearing Care Program provided by HearUSA logo
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Hearing performance with convenient wireless charging.

No matter what activities fill your day, Signia’s longer-lasting Pure Charge&Go Nx keeps going with you. These sophisticated hearing aids, available from the AARP® Hearing Care Program provided by HearUSA, offer all the power and natural sound of Signia Nx* with the ease of wireless charging! There is no need to purchase or change hearing aid batteries – full convenience for you and better for the environment.

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*2017 “OVP Study” conducted at University of Northern Colorado examining the effect of Own Voice Processing on spontaneous acceptance after first fit of hearing aids. Further

FREE 90-day Trial

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Try the new Charge&Go hearing aids for 90 days

Return the hearing aids at any time for a full refund


Wireless charging that keeps up with your active life:

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Natural sound and highest hearing performance

Listen to your favorite music through your hearing aids

Lithium-ion power cell battery offers long-lasting charge

Batteries automatically charges when placed in the charger

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20% off digital hearing aids

Free 3-year manufacturer warranty

Free 3-year supply of batteries with hearing aid purchase

Free demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology

Free 1-year follow-up care

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